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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ooo look what I'm making!!!!

Hello I have some fab Monday news.............
Yesterday was a humid day James was off with his buddies and Kev was playing golf so thought I'd try out the goodies I bought last week!
A new craft for me to stretch my creative juices
It all starts with jug in a pan on the stove....
Yes I'm candle making. You have to be very precise with temperatures I stood over the pan watching the thermometer as though it was going to explode if it went over one degree hotter!!
I prepared my molds - as this is my first time I'm starting off small, the votive sized jars are molds and I then had an empty Yankee Candle jar so decided to try refilling that:
Once the wax had melted and reached the correct temperature poured it into the molds. I remembered at this point I had forgotten to add the scent and color. I could add Jasmine scent to the jars and give them a quick stir but as the wax had started to set I decided to keep these white and use color for next batch.
After 5 minutes the wicks are added and held in place with lolly sticks. They are then left for a further 30 minutes before topping them up to ensure there is no gaps around the wicks.
They are then left for 2 hours to set fully before removing from the molds.
Whilst waiting I designed a quick label for the jar candle. I printed it using Safmat

Butterflies remind me of a special person so first attempt has one on the front  and I've used my blog name for the back
I have used a So Suzy single flower swirl stamp to decorate one of the votive candles:
I just need to get some more supplies and there will be no stopping me now!


Lea Brawn said...

Oh wow these are amazing. Fab tutorial. X

Jeanette Jackson said...

Looking good Sharon, good luck hope the new hobby goes well. Great for presents. Hugs Jeanette xxx

Linda Simpson said...

These look fabulous Sharon, can't wait to see more of your new hobby.
Linda xxx

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi you seem to be enjoying your new hobby. The candles you are creating are gorgeous. Hugs Jackie