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Friday, February 12, 2016

Baby Sampler

Last year I made birth congratulations card for a colleague of my husband's to give to a relative. She asked him if I did picture's with birth details etc on.

Having never done one he said I would be open to the challenge, Mollie has a picture that was painted when she was born which shows all her birth details, Kev showed a photo of this to his colleague and she said yes something like that would be good, she wanted it as a Christmas gift - no pressure then!

I had to think long and hard about how I was going to do this - yes I craft, yes I can color but I am no artist and I worried that there was greater expectations than I could deliver.

First I watercolored a background and tried to use stamps but just couldn't get the look I was after. I then decided to use some digital software called Serif CraftArtist 2. I started by designing an 8 inch by 12 inch background to look like a nursery room 

Adding elements to represent different aspects of the parent's and baby's life such as the Universities the parent's attended, their careers which included teaching and sports coaching. Baby's full name weight, birth date. These were then printed on the main picture. I also printed extra copies and used these to decoupage the picture giving it some dimension which unfortunately doesn't show too well here. I added a die cut clock set at his time of birth. I then used glossy accents on the nose of the teddy, face of the sheep and  windmill for extra depth. 

It did take a few days to get the design together and I was very unsure as to whether I had captured what she was looking for but when I took it into Kev's colleague she loved it. I'm not sure whether it is something I would do again it was certainly a challenge which once I started I did enjoy doing.

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Bad Kitty said...

wonderful card!
Bad Kitty's Craftroom

Lea Brawn said...

Superb. I think you lived up to the challenge. This is fab. Maybe you would find it easier next time round. I thought the clock idea was inspired xxx

Linda Simpson said...

You most certainly lived up to the Challenge Sharon, this is fabulous! Love all the gorgeous detail. Have a wonderful weekend.
Linda xxx

Kate M said...

This is absolutely fabulous - you have come up with an awesome design! Love all the detail - especially the clock. It's a gift to be treasured.
Just one small thing though - I can't see the actual date of birth on here - am I missing something??