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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My poor MISTI - Oh what fun you can have!!!

Good morning - bright and sunny here but cold so I thought I would do some crafting - Came into my craft room.............................................

SHOCK!!!!! HORROR!!!!!!


OK enough of the dramatics

I have a confession to make..................


I use it every time I stamp, it's always out on my desk and is well taken care of.

If you don't know what a MISTI is it's the Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented and is sold by My Sweet Petunia

It helps with mass stamping as well as helping to re-stamp an image.
We've all done it - Stamped an image and not got even pressure and the stamp is either partially stamped or not dark enough - The MISTI stops all this, after lining it up on your paper, you fix your stamp to the lid by closing it re-open it, ink your stamp, close and apply gentle pressure. It is magnetic so you use magnets to hold your paper in place and when you open it the stamp and ink stay in their position until you remove them. Need to re-stamp? just re-ink your stamp and close the MISTI again and it will stamp in exactly the same place as previously. Need multiple images of the same stamp? Line your stamp up as above and line your card up with the grid - stamp, leave stamp inposition, remove card and place with the next one by lining it up in same place as previous hey presto identical placement of image and you can do this as many times as you wish.
Want to stamp 2 images at once? line them both up on your MISTI, ink and close the lid and both with stamp together.

So As you can imagine my acrylic blocks have been relegated to the back of a cupboard. 

OK so back to the start of  my post - why was their murder being committed??? 
Just take a look

Think my blocks are a bit angry they have been retired!!!! 

They have ganged up on my MISTI - Don't know what the purple devil was planning on doing with the scissors but it didn't look good!

Oh but the MISTI isn't innocent in all this - Take a look at the stamp he was using!

No wonder the Blocks are angry!!!!

OK back to the serious side of the post - If there is one - 

It is definately the best stamping tool I have ever come across and would highly recommend it to anyone - it's worth it's weight in gold if you are a serious stamper!!!

This post is my entry to win a Mini version of the MISTI over at So Suzy Stamps

Thanks for stopping buy and I would love you to leave some love!


Suzy Moore said...

This has got to be the BEST POST EVER!!!!!! I frikken love it!

Cathy Smith said...

lol..........I love this and I also love my misti :)

Bad Kitty said...

oh Im so jealus of you!
we dont have that tool in Croatia!

love those smile faces!

Deb Rauch said...

Haha!! Love your post and I love my Misti too!!

Anonymous said...

YOU made me smile. I have the big Misty and love, love, lovers it and soooooo want the little one!

Cindy said...

You have such a great humour! haha, The misti looks great. Another thing on my wishlist. XX Cindy

Kristie Goulet said...

LOL!!! Great post! I LOVE my MISTI too! Awesome tool.
I am your newest follower. :)

Lea Brawn said...

Hahaha just brilliant. Hope you've done enough to earn it x

Ann Zastrow said...

Thank you for this opportunity to win a mini Misti! I love my Misti!!! I have shared my Misti with many ladies & some have purchased one. I have introduced stamping to special needs students I work with. They have really enjoyed stamping & this would be great!