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Friday, December 28, 2018

Wine and Canvas

Good morning, Hope you all had a fab Christmas and Santa was kind to you - He was to me I was thoroughly spoiled by family and friends

A few weeks before Christmas my BFF and I went to a wine and canvas evening, well for us it was a cocktail and canvas - that actually sounds better!

We painted a snowman family using water soluble acrylic paint. I have proudly displayed the canvas in my craft room.

We started with blank canvases and lightly marked out our family:

So Mommy, Daddy and Mollie. You can just see my friends canvas - she was brave and did all 6 of her family!
Once we had done this step and everyone had caught up we moved on to filling in the background, the original painting looked like it was a wooden background so we used various shades of brown:

Once this was dried we moved on to the snowmen (well snowman, snowwoman and child lol)
We painted the white in first giving it a good couple of layers so it covered the drawn lines

Adding the colors for the scarves before doing the final white layers. 
After a break to allow the white to dry we got to give them their personalities - well their faces:

I also added some highlights and shading to the scarves.

The final stage was to outline the snowmen, I didn't trust my hand to be steady enough to do this with a paint brush so I waited until I was home and used a sharpie marker to do this

This was the 2nd Wine and Canvas we had done. They are held at our local gold course restaurant.
The first one we did was in October and we painted a fall scene:

We are now looking forward to Spring and summer so we have a full collection!

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